Knowledge of Grandparents and Grandmothers

One of the projects of Nueva Humanidad A.C Corporation is the recovery and dissemination of wisdom and knowledge of Elders in Maya communities through the production of documentaries that protect ancestral wisdom.

Grandparents and grandmothers possess knowledge that has been transmitted from generation to generation, but in recent decades only their memories have remained due to the lack of opportunity to share them with their children and grandchildren. It is knowledge of people who practice traditional medicine, ceremonies, traditional gastronomy, who are practical masseuses and herbalists.

These documentary records are being made in Yucatec Maya by young people from different communities. They are visiting the Elders in their home communities and other communities.

The main purpose is that the native and non-native youth who live in the Yucatan Peninsula get to know in a deeper way about the diversity of knowledge existing in Maya communities. It is also a material of great biocultural value that can be shared in spaces for dialogue and dissemination such as those created by the Biocultural Heritage Network.

This work is coordinated by Narciso Tuz Noh, who has a Degree in Linguistics and Maya Culture.

Collection of medicinal plants and preparation for the treatment of kidney stones in the population of Actunkoh Yucatán.



Chichimilá, Yucatán